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Properties within Sewer District
191 Fawn RoadTHREE R2 LOTS at end of quiet cul-de-sac with 
whitewater view.  Build your income property,  B&B, 4-plex or condo.  
APN 111-202-073, Lots 129-23, 24 & 25.   $119,900

Parkview RoadDOUBLE LOT with greenbelt below and ocean views.
APN 111-142-032, Lots 162-36 & 37,  $89,900

90 Vista Roadeasy build with North Coast and ocean views.
APN 111-142-005, Lot 164-48,  $69,900

Nob Hill Court, sunny lot on quiet cul-de-sac with creek below
and distant blue water view.
APN 111-031-025, Lot 174-18,   $55,000 - SOLD!

415 Humboldt Loop, pie shape lot with great frontage,
Black Sand Beach and local mountain views.
APN 109-291-008, Lot 236-27,  $39,900

605/617 Spring RoadSUNNY DOUBLE LOT  
greenbelt below, local and blue water views.
APN 109-183-029,  $45,900

46/54 Spring RoadSUNNY DOUBLE LOT  
seasonal Humboldt Creek at back of property
with local and blue water views.
APN 109-302-063,  $45,900

9230 Shelter Cove Road, mature trees with white water view.
APN 111-202-031,  $49,900

143/149 Humboldt LoopDOUBLE LOT with greenbelt below,
short walk to Black Sand Beach.
APN 109-171-053,  $69,900

​The above listed "sewer area" lots all have access to water, power and sewer and are subject to the according individual hook-up fees.
Properties within Septic Area
293 Otter Lane, level lot at end of quiet cul-de-sac, privacy and seasonal creek below.  Easy build.  Perfect for a fisherman!
APN 109-311-041, Lot 183-25,  $27,900

185/189 Rawhide CourtDOUBLE LOT at end of cul-de-sac, breathtaking expansive ocean and North Coast views.
APN 109-321-070, Lots 181-15 & 16,  $119,900

697 Telegraph Creek, sunny lot in the alternative energy area, secluded with local mountain views and potential ocean views.
APN 109-241-026, Lot 209-40,  $25,900

2943 Toth Road, street-to-street lot with blue water views.
APN 110-051-014, Lot 182-15,  $29,900

772/794 Hillside DriveDOUBLE LOT with Cove and ocean views,  Septic plan on file.
APN 110-131-059, Lot 181-59 & 60,  $125,900

2985/2993 Toth RoadDOUBLE LOT, street-to-street with expansive ocean and North Coast views with more clearing, 
big frontage.
APN 110-051-060, Lot 182-17 & 18,  $69,900

200 Hemlock Road, breathtaking Cove and expansive
 ocean and local mountain views. An engineer's dream.
APN 110-191-024, Lot 194-30,  $29,900

1104 Blueridge Road, fantastic Cove and ocean views.
APN 110-221-008, Lot 199-01,  $79,900

935 Toth Road, beautiful South Coast blue water view.
Pad and driveway excavated in.
APN 110-241-017, Lot 203-07,  $55,000 - SOLD!

808 Willow Glen RoadDOUBLE LOT with Cove and ocean views and greenbelt below.
APN 110-111-063, Lots 205-57 & 58,  $79,900 - SOLD!

659 Willow Glen & 33/49 Vance RoadSUNNY TRIPLE LOT with Cove, North Coast, sunny South Coast & expansive ocean and local mountain views.   
APN 110-101-037, Lots 215-19, 20 & 22,  $159,900 

27 Cook Road, street-to-street lot with Cove, North Coast 
and expansive ocean and local mountain views.
APN 110-09-005, Lot 214-02,  $59,900

13 Thistle Court, blue water view, RV/boat driveway below build site, in the alternative energy area.
APN 109-251-023, Lot 211-46,  $35,900

149 Heather Court, blue water and local mountain views at end of quiet cul-de-sac in the alternative energy area.
APN 109-261-018, Lot 211-032, $29,900

2256 Telegraph Creek, pad and driveway excavated in 
feels very park-like.
APN 109-051-009, Lot 186-09,  $22,900

1494 Telegraph Creek, "Creek Music", pad and driveway excavated in, sunny with year-round creek at back of property.
APN 109-141-004, Lot 221-04,  $60,000 - SOLD!

327/328 Oak DriveSUNNY DOUBLE LOT, expansive blue water and local mountain views at end of quiet cul-de-sac in the alternative energy area.
APN 109-231-054, Lot 209-18 & 19, $69,900

​The above "septic area" properties are located on paved roads, all have access to water and power (with the exception of those lots that are in the alternative energy area) and are subject to the according individual hook-up fees.
Please note: Prices are subject to change without notice.
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